La Bichonnière has a long and rich history that we can tell you with great pleasure.

In parallel, the curious will discover a world apart and a diversity, a kind of Bi(o)chonnière.

The common thread is respect for nature.

The two Kenyan hives and the truncated hive are home to colonies of bees and contribute to their preservation; the «bichomiel» is rightfully theirs.

Stéphane and his photos (lesphotosdestephane) highlight the hidden microcosm. Come and discover insects, mushrooms, flowers etc.

A walk in the park will make you discover many species of trees, about forty.

The house is heated by geothermal energy, which also produces hot water. For maintenance, we use organic products and take care that most of the products used for breakfast come from organic and local cultivation.

In the grounds of the property you will find shady parking and a covered garage (bikers welcome).

The estate

Les photos de Stéphane